Welcome to John Henry Spiral Oak Aged Sipping Ales!

We are very proud to present John Henry’s Spiral Oak Aged Sipping Ales available in 750ml bottles: 3 Lick Spiker Ale, West Indies Pale Ale, Colonial Cream Ale and Brown Ale.
Our proprietary “Spiral Oak Aged Process” is like none other utilized in the world. Each Ale begins with the infusion of the Oak Spirals; Bourbon for 3 Lick Spiker Ale, Dark Rum for West Indies Pale Ale, and Brandy for Colonial Cream Ale and Brown Ale. Then, each batch is meticulously brewed with specially selected malts with fermentable sugars. A variety of hops are carefully introduced throughout the brewing process. The fermentation process is carefully controlled to the specific alcohol level specified by the Master Brewer’s recipe.
In our aging vessels we suspend the infused oak spirals. The oak softens the sharpness of the alcohol and enriches the flavors of the malts and hops. The malts gives the Spirit Infused Spiral Oak Aged Sipping Ales a complex flavor of chocolate and roasted malt, then you taste the spirit. A smooth rich full bodied finish completes your drinking experience.
The Spiral Oak Aged Sipping Ales are a wonderful imbibing experience. They are outstanding in recipes, food pairing, as well as creative sparkling drinks.
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