750ML Brandy

John Henry Cream & Brown Ale (9.3% Alcohol by Volume)
This brew is aged, precisely monitored, and careful blended to give you the signature John Henry character that can only be paralleled by the other members of this hand-crafted style.
Our managed brewing and fermentations gives flavors that are representative of some imperial styles even though we can best describe it as a hybrid blend of ales.
Both the secret malt and hop recipe are carefully guarded and crafted to consistently yield smooth aromatic and caramel flavors that compliment the French brandy aged oak.
Our process does not reflect the effect of only time, but expresses the tight specifications that we apply to all John Henry special brews.
The maturation time and strong, but smooth flavor profiles are managed by the trained tasting of our master brewers during the blending process before this jewel-like beer is released for packaging.
This is truly where science has enhanced art and this can be imagined with each sip of our Brandy Oak aged John Henry Colonial Cream & Brown Ale.
BUs: 34
Specific Gravity ˚P: 3.3
ABV%: 9.3